Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 in Review

I realize I haven't blogged in a very long while, but the other day I was just thinking about the past year and how much has happened and I wanted a place to write it so here it is:

If I had to choose one word to describe this year I think I would choose CHANGE. Keep in mind the following is just the "highlights" of our year...

Last Christmas Josh asked me to marry him and I said yes- thus beginning the craziest whirlwind year!

We immediately started planning the wedding and January was filled with all that entails: trying on wedding dresses, getting rings resized, trying to choose a date, being overwhelmed with just how many details there are in planning a wedding, and basically just trying to keep some semblance of sanity.

When February came around it was a welcome reprieve to go to the Leadership Conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church in San Diego. Several of us from our church went down together with Josh's family and we had such a good relaxing time. I got to see the ocean for the first time and see Mexico (off on the not so distant horizon), to meet new people, and fall in love with my husband even more. 

Josh turned 21 in March and other than that I don't remember much (the months leading up to the wedding all kind of blur together...).

April was sooo busy pulling last minute wedding preparation together, marriage counseling, Josh and I found a little apartment just in time, and I apparently hadn't reached my craziness threshold yet so I started a new part time job on top of my other part time job as the unofficial manager of a frozen yogurt shop. :p

Then came May. And what a wild month it was. We got married and went on our wonderful honeymoon. Then we came home. I moved into our house, I went back to work, and as soon as we got back our church began a series of special meetings- we had evangelists and missionaries and special speakers- every night for 5 weeks. 

In June I was offered the job as the manager (officially) of Wyogurt, so I took it and quit my other job. What a blessing to at least cut some of the chaos out of my days, I actually had time and energy to make dinner for us.

July must have been somewhat settled into a routine because nothing really stands out :)

And then August came and made up for the lull in July. We had to put Smokey down (had him since I was little) on my birthday, and Josh took me to Billings for the weekend and we had such a good time just getting to spend time alone together. When we got back my parents told us that they were moving back to Idaho, so my family abandoned me by the end of the month (I hope you feel guilty! jk). 

In September Josh started his scrapping business on the side and my family came back for a weekend when a friend of ours got married. A week after their wedding our friends moved to Louisiana. (Our church is small so losing this many people made a big difference).

In October I was sick for 3 weeks straight (this doesn't count any of the other health issues I had going on this year, basically my body just tanked and this was the lowest it went) and ended up seeing 3 doctors. This is a big deal because the last time I saw a doctor (besides my chiropractor) I was probably..... 12? At the end of the month Josh's brother moved to San Diego which left a pretty big hole here.

November was the BEST month of our marriage so far! We got to spend so much time together and things were just going really well. I quit my job at Wyogurt and started up my own housekeeping business and started teaching piano lessons again. Josh got carbon monoxide poisoning so we made a trip to the ER to get him taken care of. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Josh's family and it was the first holiday without my family.

December has been a VERY interesting month. Josh's family was gone for most of the month of November and when they got back they told us that his dad (the pastor of our church) was going to resign as he has been called elsewhere. So this means big changes for our church and quite possibly for Josh and I as well. As of now we know we are supposed to move, but we don't know where or when quite yet. Some big decisions to be made here and prayer for us would be very, very much appreciated. Now we're looking forward to a road trip together to go see my family for Christmas and we are soooo excited.

We have been married for 7 months and marriage has already been the biggest adventure of my life. I'm so thankful for my husband. This next year is most likely going to be as interesting and full of surprises as this year has been. If you think of us we would appreciate your prayers. God has definitely taken care of us through everything!

Hope this catches you all up with our lives :)

We hope you are all doing well and wish you a happy new year!!