Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Question for the Ladies

All right, Ladies. I'm curious: What made you decide to marry your husband? What made you decide that no matter what other men you met, no matter what hard times you had to go through, no matter what his faults and annoying habits (:p) THIS was the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? Leave a comment and direct your friends here to answer too, please! I need all the wisdom I can get. Thank you :D



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My husband and I were friends before we dated. He asked me out not long after we met but I wasn't sure so I said no. I would only date someone I really thought I might marry and I didn't want to lead anyone on. We continued our friendship for several years. I always enjoyed spending time with him and our group of friends. He dated someone else, and I was a big jealous. I really cared about him. I got to watch him in all kinds of situations and saw what kind of man he was. I also prayed about him and spoke to people I trusted about the situation. I just hoped he would give me a second chance since I had turned him down. Our first date was on Valentine's day. We were married 11 months later. He was the only man I ever dated. I know that doesn't happen for everyone, but I'm so thankful it did for me. I didn't have a "list" of things I wanted. I just waited until God lead me to the right man. And I was in my mid-twenties.