Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Set Apart Girl Magazine

Soooo I have some exciting news! At least I find it exciting..
 The May/June edition of the Set Apart Girl online magazine is up now! It always makes my day when I see that a new edition is up :)

It's written by Leslie Ludy and other young ladies at Ellerslie/ Set Apart Girl team.
Right now Leslie is writing a series "The Top Ten Time Wasters," there are articles on godly motherhood, dressing in a modest yet attractive way, and so many other topics. There is a section for what the Ludy kids are saying and doing. Occasionally there will be an article by an "Anonymous Warrior Poet," a godly young man writing to sisters in Christ. Ahh the whole thing is wonderful! This magazine is really encouraging to me, it challenges me, the pictures are beautiful, and if you haven't read it you should at least check it out!
Happy reading,